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Quick use info
« le: Janvier 21, 2007, 12:13:21 »

CataThumbs will help you to print a catalog of thumbnails.
Here are several info on how to use CataThumbs.
The word "pictures" is used for this post but it also works for images.  Most of the files formats are recognised by CataThumbs (gif, jpg, png, bmp, tif,...)
"Directories" tab
This tab is devided into 2 differents zones.
Above, the "Add", "Delete" and "Search" buttons and under, the table with the directories.

1° Select the directory where the pictures are by clicking on the "Add" button.  A box of explorer type opens and you have to choose the directory where you have stored your pictures and then click OK.

2° A new line appears in the table showing the directory you have just chosen (see point 1).  It is possible to maximize the window if it is too small.

3° This line is divided in 4 columns :
    Column "Search" :  If it is checked, CataThumbs will search in this directory (of the line) the pictures and will print them
    Column "Directory" : Contains the directory that you have just chosen
    Column "Include sub-dir." : Indicates to CataThumbs to search also in the sub-directories.
    Column "Title / Page" : Gives a title to the page to be printed.  Si you give the same title to different directories (thus to different lines of the table), then Catathumbs will regroup the pictures of these different directories and will print them together. When the title changes, there will be a page break to print the others.  The "Title/Page" can serve to regroup pictures from various directories.  By default, the title is the name of the directory where the pictures are.

It is possible to modify the values for the columns "Search", "Include sub-dir." and "Title/Page" by clicking with the mouse on a line/column.  Those zones are changeable directly in the table. 

Go back to point 1 if you have other directories to add (If you quit CataThumbs, it memorises the directories already chosen and will propose you them when launching the program again)

4° The "Delete" button, deletes the line in the table.  A confirmation of suppression will be asked.  The line suppression does not delete physically the directory and its pictures, but just delete the line in the table.
5° The "Search" button (above, right to the "Search" button).  As soon as you will have encoded all the directories where are your picyures, click on the "Search" button". CataThumbs will read all the lines in the table and for ones being checked in the "Search" colum, CataThumbs will table into account the pictures found in the linked directories. CataThumbs will regroup the pictures by "Title of page"
After, CataThumbs will go to the second tab "Images" (see hereunder)
"Images" tab
This tab is devided into 2 different zones
Above, the "Add", "Delete", "Title/Page", "Type" (of printing), "Print", "Reset" and "Configure" buttons.  Bottom, the table containing the pictures to print.  Please note that it is possible to select several lines at a time in the table.  The actions you will do will be dones on the lines selected.  (To select more than 1 line, click with shift ou ctrl  key + left click of the mouse, see Windows help)

1° "Add" button
     Allows to add manually pictures to be printed.  At the right of the button, there is a little arrow showing botton, if you click on it, a little menu appears to choose the selection mode (with or without preview).
2° "Delete" button
    Deletes the selected lines in the table.  The files are not physically deleted from the PC but they will just not be printed. 
3° "Title/Page" button
    Allows to change the title for the selected lines in the table.  A dialog boxP will ask you to give a title that will be given to the selected lines.
4° Drop-down list "Type" of printing
    This one consists of different information :
    [L] = Print in landscape mode
    [P] = Print in portrait mode 
The first number (before x) represents the number of pictures per line
The second number (after x ) represents the number of lines per page
therefore [P] 5 x 3 = portrait mode, 5 pictures per line, 3 lines on the page = 15 pictures printed on the page.
The box to check "Preview" allows to preview the print when you will click on the "Print" button.  While previewing, you will also be able to save your pictures catalog in PDF, RTF (Word), HTML or send it by email. An advise : leave that box checked.
5° "Print" button
    Allows to print and/or preview the pictures catalog.
6° "Reset" button
    Allows to empty the table.  Useful to print another calalog.
7° "Configure" button
    Allows to choose the printer on which the catalog will be printed.  Useful if you have more than 1 printer.  The default printer will be automatically chosen.
8° The table regroups all the pictures to be printed.  The column "Title/Page" regroups all the pictures with the same title. As soon as there will be a change in a title, CataThumbs will create a page break.  The column "File" shows the complete name of the file to print.
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