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1  Logiciels gratuits / Passweerd / Re: installation of newer version of Passweerd le: Mai 18, 2017, 11:22:21
It works properly, I used your solution.
Thank you Fabrice.
I suggest that you post this solution to update, because surely I'm not the only one with this problem.

2  Logiciels gratuits / Passweerd / Re: installation of newer version of Passweerd le: Mai 16, 2017, 12:36:21
Merci Fabrice,

I will try tomorrow, then report here.

3  Logiciels gratuits / Passweerd / Re: Comment déplacer Passweerd d'un ordinateur à un autre ou faire un backup le: Mai 16, 2017, 12:35:06
Thankyou very much.
4  Logiciels gratuits / Passweerd / Re: Comment déplacer Passweerd d'un ordinateur à un autre ou faire un backup le: Mai 01, 2017, 01:16:12

Il suffit de copier l'entièreté du répertoire de C:\Passweerd sur le nouvel ordinateur. C'est aussi simple que cela.  Wink

Idem sur une clé USB pour faire un backup

Hi Fabrice and Maryse,
okay for this message, I'm using this way (also to update the passwords between my PC's).
But as I asked in the recent post,
I can't find a way to import the stored passwords from the previous version
(I have still installed the 1.05, because it'd impossible to re-write all passwords: they're over hundred).

Merci (the only word I know in French: sorry).
5  Logiciels gratuits / Passweerd / installation of newer version of Passweerd le: Avril 30, 2017, 04:22:47
Hallo, and thank you for your support.
I have a question: for backup of Passweerd is very easy, just copy and paste the whole folder.
But I have installed the older version of Passweerd, and I whish to install the latest.
How to import the Whole stored passwords from an older version to a newer?
I tried to copy and paste PassMan.MMO and FIC, the Categ files, but of course it doesn't work.
What to do?
It is great that you offered new versions (the 1.14) but I'm still using the 1.05 until I can find the way to import my stored files in new version.

Thank you.
6  Logiciels gratuits / Passweerd / Re: Re : Good utility le: Février 27, 2007, 10:43:35
Hello Mauro,

2bis.  It is just what I mean by security hole.....because if people do not save the rescue files on a USB key, than it is quite easy to know where is the receue key located on the PC....

3.  Each time you start Passweerd, the first selection is always the default directory and then it keeps in mind the last directories you search until you close Passweerd.

When re-installing Passweerd above the one existing, you do not lose anything : login, rescue and passwords (which are already stored in the passman.* files).  But, if you save again the main password to enter Passweerd, the login and recue keys are regenerated and then are different......and then keep the new ones because the old are no more valid.

Regards from Belgium !

7  Logiciels gratuits / Passweerd / Re: Good utility le: Février 27, 2007, 10:40:17
ThankYou (Merci) Maryse
I guessed You were from France..
Your replies were very useful.
I will suggest Passweerd to all my friends here.
And will write the readme in Italian.
8  Logiciels gratuits / Passweerd / Re: Good utility le: Février 26, 2007, 08:03:03
Thanks a lot Maryse.
1) I understand that You don't put README, moreover on free utilities.
ThankYou for info: it's good that Passweerd don't use registry but its *.ini file
2bis) we misunderstood (sorry, I didn't explain well): I exactly mean that the *.exe searchs where it is, means in the installation dir/its folder:
now, if I have the program installed on C:\Programmi (or Program Files)\Passweerd, but want to use USB drive to keep only the keyfiles
(login and resque *.txt files only), it'd be useful for the executable to search in the dir I ask him as my option, and not as default in its place.
I mean: Passweerd goes to search login file to C:\Progr.\Passweerd\login.. then I have to tell it: go to F:\ (USB drive) running browser..
But if a generated *.ini says:   "save last directory used and search in it.." (e.g.) I browse first time but later just insert my USB pen to quickly
open Passweerd on my PC (like a sort of real key)
That's my opinion, don't understand why it should be a hole for security.. please explain me (Tks)
3) but You seem to say that it pens last dir used (like what I mean).. doesn't happen to me.. (??) it always goes to its directory
and then I have to change.. if I made a mistake pls. tell me
4) for the mobile phone use.. agree that it cannot be for free: but it's always good to pay for a good utility

Just last question (sorry):
to make some changes might be I have to uninstall Passweerd and reinstall it: of course avoiding to copy all my many passwords (!!)
to save the pwd record already done:
is it enough to save the database (files passman.*) and old login and resque *.txt files.. the overwrite them onto new installation?
(or do I loose all?)

Thanks again (tel ciao to Paris for me)
9  Logiciels gratuits / Passweerd / Re: Re : place passweerd sur clé usb U3 le: Février 26, 2007, 07:40:41
la manière dont j'ai configurer ma clé usb U3, me permet de travailler sur des machines qui ont des problèmes de sécurité en générale, elle me permet de faire
un audit de la machine (winaudit)
d'avoir accès à internet ( firefox modifier car d'origine c'est la version
de modifier & nettoyer les registres (ccleaner)
de faire des bakcup d'urgent de données ( auotbackwin)
skype, d'origine
le tous surveiller par un antivirus (avast, le seul pour le moment) d'origine
un analyseur de disque avant démarrage en DOS
un lecteur audio & multimédia (vlc),etc,....
Ceci est un configuration personnaliser. c'est mon couteaux suisse pour un technicien de pc. je peux tous faire même si l'ordinateur est infecter par un virus ou trojan, des DLL déffectueux,.  sans entrer dans le SE d'origine. tous ce passe par la RAM & ne laisse pas de trace. voilà des option qui ne sont pas fournie quand on acheter la clé.
pour d'autres renseignements je reste à ton écoute.

the way in which I have to configure my key usb U3, enables me to work on machines which have problems of safety in general, it enables me to make
one audit of the machine (winaudit)
to have access to Internet (firefox to modify bus of origin it is the version
to modify & clean the registers (ccleaner)
to make bakcup of urgent data (auotbackwin)
skype, of origin
all to supervise by an antivirus (avast, the only one for the moment) of origin
an analyzer of disc before starting in DOS
an audio & multi-media reader (vlc), etc,….
This is a configuration to personalize. they is my multi-fonction pocket knifes for a technician of PC. I can do everything even if the computer is to infect by a virus or Trojan, bad DLL. without entering the SE of origin. all this master key by the RAM & does not leave a trace. here are option which is not provided when one to buy the key.
for other information I remain with your listening.
exusez pour mon anglais, sorry for my english.

10  Logiciels gratuits / Passweerd / Good utility le: Février 25, 2007, 04:25:09
Hi all.. unluckily don't know French lang very well, even if often in Paris for my job.
About Passweerd, which I like very much, I have some points/questions:
hope these questions are also useful for Mr. Weerd, to fix something and/or make some mod's..
(or explain me the way to..)
1) since Passweerd is a very good utility, think that it'd be helpful a small readme.txt inside:
of course the software is well made and easy to be understood, but not all is always very clear..
e.g. for someone like me, who doesn't speek French, the forum isn't helpful.. so a double lang
(Eng and Fre) readme inside.. just main pts should be enough
all very clear, but to use the software studying new application way..
2) infact: as I wrote in another thread, I already tried to install Passweerd on USB drive instead
of Hard Disk (could be useful to keepin my pocket the tool, and use it in any PC)..
- apart what happens in WinXP registry (don't know which keys are written, moreover if it is
installed on external drive like in my test)
- the problem is that by default Passweerd searchs the passkeys on Hard Disk installation dir's
(in Your cases Program Files, in my case Programmi\Passweerd..).. even if installed on USB
- or differently it means that it writes some keys in O.S. registry and by default goes there
to serach for passkeys..
I tell this because installed on C:\Programmi\Passweerd.. later as test installed on USB drive too:
but it countinues to search on C:\Programmi\Passweerd
(better toerase the registry keys if/once uninstalli it)
3) for same reason (forget for a moment my question about USB):
when passweerd asks "where do I write your passkeys?" you can reply whatever you wish..
in any case the software, later, searchs firstly in its installation directory / then you have to
run a long way to go to USB drive and make it read the passkey..
I suggest, if possible, to make *.exe writing an *.ini file to instruct Passweerd to search
into choosen location (something like "once selected a directory go always to search on that
of course that should be very important for two reasons:
A- if undesired guest tries to enter in the program, better "don't to indicate him the tool's
installation dir as first"
B- the installation dir is never the passkeys dir indeed (!): so better to let the PC admin
decide where Passweerd has to search for
4) I tried to put my passkeys on mobile phone smart card (might be I loose or forget my
USB pen drive when change my suit.. but it'd be more difficult to loose mobile phone):
well.. differently from other tools, Passweerd is unable to see the phone dir (which is
regularly displayed as all other PC directories)
E.g. I put passkey of cryptation tool on mobile phone and it works properly: why not
Passweerd? it'd be a good suggestion to leave passkeys on telephone (of course after
a backup)
Hope don't to have benn boring, but helpful:
I like Your tool very much, and its chance to save records with so many formats,
the selection way, the codes etc.. are okay
Thanks also to have translated in Italian lang too!!!
11  Logiciels gratuits / Passweerd / Re : place passweerd sur clé usb U3 le: Février 25, 2007, 03:43:07
Hi I'm Italian and unluckily don't know French language.
But might be I understood 70%..
I already tried to install the software on USB drive, to keep with me together my passwords
it works.. the only problem are:
-don't know what happens on windows registry
-main problem: once you select the passweerd keys (resque or the passkey) as default the program search on hard drive dir, and you
either if installed on hard drive or external one, like usb
I suggest to Mr. Weerd to try to fix this
(put another thread about my opinion on this good utility)
Mauro (Ita)
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